Will & Woody swap a painting for a chopper ride

Each day for the past two weeks, KIIS FM’s Will & Woody have been making trades live on air and swapped their way from a painting to a helicopter.
It all started out as bit of fun but when Will & Woody heard about little 5-year-old Rory, who has an incurable brain tumour and would love nothing more than to experience the thrill of a helicopter ride, the boys got very serious about making Rory’s wish come true. 
Rory was diagnosed in May 2018 with a large tumour in his upper spinal cord and other tumours throughout his brain and spine. His case, Disseminated Glioneuronal Tumours, is extremely rare and one of only 200 known cases worldwide.

His condition is currently incurable, but it treatable and it will hopefully be reduced to a non-functioning mass.
He is currently 2/3 of the way through 68 weeks of chemotherapy treatment following surgery on his upper spine in May 2018.
While Rory was a little suspicious about the ‘surprise’ his parents had in store for him but when he saw the helicopter and realised he was about to go for a ride, his joy was palpable. 





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