Alan Jones speaks out in support of gay rights

Is Alan Jones mellowing with age?

Last month Peter Saxon wrote an op ed piece for radioinfo subscribers on how arch conservative Alan Jones seems to be taking up progressive causes of late. Cases in point are Jones’ strident opposition to coal seam gas extraction through a process known as “fracking” and his passionate support for the legalisation of medical marijuana.

Now he has won the support of one of his natural enemies, the left leaning Peter FitzSimons (left) who despite his usual anathema towards the top rating Sydney breakfast host admits to ‘accidentally’ coming across Jones’ 2GB show one morning while “flicking channels.” 

Writing in his regular column for Fairfax media, “Jones was impressive, speaking out strongly on the outrage that 42 of the 71 countries competing at the Commonwealth Games still have in the 21st century discriminatory laws against the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community, including LGBT athletes.”

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