Ali Moore locked in for ABC Radio Melbourne Drive

Ali Moore will host ABC Radio Melbourne Drive in 2024 after covering the shift since September when Raf Epstein moved to mornings.

ABC Melbourne will remain mostly unchanged with Trevor Chappell continuing on Afternoons, Michael Pavlich Overnights and Sammy J on breakfast, but now five days a week with Friday Breakfast host Charlie Pickering finishing up Friday December 8.

ABC Radio Melbourne Manager Dina Rosendorff said:

“The amazing response to Sammy J’s marathon 24-hour broadcast for ABC Gives last week has really highlighted just how much love our audience has for him, so we’re delighted he’ll be with us for Breakfast five days a week again next year.”

Matt Preston, Alice Zaslavsky, Lisa Leong, Richelle Hunt and David Astle will all also be back for 2024.

Rosendorff said:

 “Our 2024 schedule is testament to the strong line-up we’ve built over the last few years and the concerted effort we’ve made to listen to audience feedback and respond accordingly. You can expect to see our presenters out and about around Melbourne a lot more next year too.”


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