All you need to know before survey one next week

The first survey for 2014 began on 19 January and will be released next Tuesday March 11 at 10am.
The industry has worked closely with GfK to ensure the currency and validity of the radio audience measurement system is maintained and there is a smooth transitionfrom Nielsen to GfK.

To ensure all radio listeners continue to have a voice, GFK has created more ways of interacting with them.

  • 80% recruited face-to-face, completing paper diaries
  • 20% recruited online, completing e-diaries
Fieldwork interviewers will now use a tablet PC to capture respondent data. This makes it easier for interviewers and allows real-time management of fieldwork information to ensure quotas for difficult to reach demographics are met to deliver representative sample composition.

The radio survey results will be available in conjunction with AudienScope, a survey of 5,000 respondents per year, conducted quarterly. AudienScope complements the ratings by building a more holistic view of radio listeners by getting to know who they really are. It looks at things like response to advertising, emotional connection to stations, and motivations for listening.

The overall results on survey day will be presented in a similar format as past surveys (see below), but stations will have new ways to slice and dice the data by using various ‘gold standard’ accredited software programs for analysis.

The paper diary sample is selected using a stratified multistage probability sample, where respondents aged 10 years and over, are randomly selected using a Birthday Recruitment method. Each market is split into geographic regions which are then further divided into Statistical Areas. Sampling is sequential over time, with up to four calls being made on each selected household, spaced across several survey periods.

The electronic diary is designed to replicate the content of the GfK paper diary, and collects quarter hour listening data from the respondent for a seven day period. Respondents can access their e-diary from anywhere using their unique diary login and password. The e-diary can be completed from home using a personal computer or tablet or even on the move using GfK’s mobile diary (m-diary) which can be accessed via any mobile internet browser.


radioinfo will bring you the results next Tuesday morning.

Since the finish of survey 8 last year, there have been a lot of changes in each of the capital cities. The key shift changes are listed below (not all shifts):


  • Kyle & Jackie O – Breakfast on KIIS 1065
  • Simon Baggs – Mornings – KIIS1065.
  • Jules, Merrick & Sophie with Mel B – Breakfast 2Day
  • John Stanley & Gary Linnell Breakfast 2UE
  • Angela Catterns – Mornings 2UE
  • Dicko & Sarah – Afternoons – 2UE
  • Justin Smith – Drive –  2UE
  • Matt Tilley And Joe Hildebrand – National Drive Show – Triple M
  • Kate, Tim & Marty – National Drive Show – Nova
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network
  • Robbie Buck – ABC Breakfast
  • Chris Uhlmann – AM on ABC Radio
  • First 3 weeks of Survey 1, Chris Smith filled in for Alan Jones on 2GB


  • Meshel Laurie and Tommy Little – Breakfast Nova Melbourne
  • Fifi & Dave – Breakfast Fox Melbourne
  • Matt Tilley And Joe Hildebrand – Drive Show – Triple M Melbourne
  • Kate, Tim & Marty – National Drive Show – Nova
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network
  • Katrina Davidson – Weekends, 612 ABC Brisbane


  • Ian Skippen & Loretta Ryan – Breakfast 4BC
  • Patrick Condren – Mornings 4BC
  • Michael Price and Clare Blake – 4BC Afternoons 12pm – 3pm 
  • Ben Davis – 4BC Drive 3pm – 6pm
  • Magic 882 previously known as 4BH
  • Moyd Kay for Breakfast  – Magic882
  • Ian Keenan Mornings/Afternoons- Magic 882
  • Greg Victor – Drive – Magic 882
  • Jo Henderson – Nights – Magic 882
  • Kate, Tim & Marty – National Drive Show – Nova
  • Marto, Michelle and now with Ed Kavalee – The Grill Team – Triple M
  • Matt Tilley and Joe Hilderbrand – National Drive Show – Triple M
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network


  • David Penberthy, Mark Aiston & Jane ReillyFIVEaa Breakfast show.
  • Jodie, Jason Carter, Mark Soderstrom – Mix Breakfast
  • Blakey, Nick & Louie – The Hot Breakfast – Triple M
  • Matt Tilley And Joe Hildebrand – National Drive Show – Triple M
  • Kate, Tim & Marty – National Drive Show – Nova
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network


  • Heidi, Will & Woody – Breakfast  92.9
  • Kate, Tim & Marty – National Drive Show – Nova
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network
  • Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas – Breakfast 6PR
  • Paul Murray (Perth Paul not Sydney Paul) – Drive 6PR
  • Gary Adshead – Mornings 6PR
  • Clairsy, Shane & Kymba – Breakfast – Mix 94.5
  • Fred and Lisa – Drive – MIX 94.5
  • John McGlue –  Drive, 720 ABC Perth


  • Scotty & Nige – breakfast on 104.7 Canberra
  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network
  • Luke Bona – Drive – 2CC
  • Kristen & Rod – Breakfast Mix 106.3
  • Phillip Clark – Breakfast ABC 666 Canberra
  • Lish Fejer, Sunday Brunch, 666 ABC Canberra


  • Dan & Maz – National Drive Today Network
  • Tanya Wilks and Steve G – Breakfast – KO FM
  • David Collins – Rush Hour – KO FM


  • Chris Uhlmann – AM on ABC Radio
  • Breakfast with Matt (Okine) & Alex (Dyson), triple j


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