Amanda Keller is a game changer

Talent Coach, Craig Bruce speaks to WSFM’s Amanda Keller.

Amanda’s contribution to radio and the community in Sydney has been so good over such a long period that she was awarded an Order of Australia in 2016.
If it’s true that great storytelling is at the heart of radio’s connection to its audience, then it is easy to see why Amanda is recognised as an elite radio performer. She started her career at 2MMM in the late 90s on the Andrew Denton Breakfast Show, and their on-air partnership resulted in a #1 show.

In more recent times, Amanda has reached #1 again with her great mate Brendan Jones on Jonesy & Amanda – a feat few broadcasters have achieved in the Sydney breakfast market. 

“They want your loyalty, they want you to share your life, particularly breakfast radio, that’s the gig… You share your life and people respond to you, and then you can be told to leave without even a chance to say goodbye to your audience.”

Believe it or not, Craig Bruce had never met Amanda Keller before he did this interview.


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