AMT Gets New Look – New Name

Here is the new look radio industry website you’ve been waiting for, with a better look and more information, plus a new name.

The old AMT link will still operate for a few months but will eventually disappear, and you should register to enjoy the site’s full benefits.

Peter Saxon, Joint CEO of Radiowise, which owns this site, said: “We’re rapidly becoming victims of our own success. The more visitors we get, the more our costs go up… So.. to keep this site free through sponsorship, we need to know more about you… we promise to maintain your privacy … but we do need to present a clear picture of exactly who we reach.”

About 2,700 radio people subscribe to the email notification list and the site itself gets 11,000 hits per week. Peters Rubinstein and Saxon would like to thank everyone for making the old AMT site such a success:

“Much of that success can be attributed to the tireless Steve Ahern who remains one of the true gentlemen of the industry and continues to edit the site without fear or favour. And our own Toni Maxwell who edits the jobs and keeps the goss coming. Also, heaps of praise goes to Steve Mummery who did the design concept and layout and to Andy Grace who made it all work.”

With a small tear in his eye at the end of an era, site creator Steve Ahern was philosophical: “This upgrade is long overdue. It will be sad to see my old company name disappear, but without Radiowise’s ownership this upgrade would never have been possible. I hope everyone who appreciates the important job this site does continues to support and make it a success for Radiowise.”

“The site was born because I thought there was a need for anyone in any sector of the radio industry, anywhere in Australia, to be able to get information to help them with their jobs. Judging by the response over the past six years it has generally been well received. Every time I get a thank you from someone who has found a job through the site or who has been helped in some way, I feel very proud of what we have done with AMT… oops, I mean radioinfo, and I am sure it will continue its success with its new look.”

If you have suggestions, or spot any bugs in the new system contact [email protected]