Analysis: Survey 6 2014 Networks and Cities

Our analysis of the networks and cities.

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Southern Cross Austereo

Triple M, the network founded on Rock enjoyed a relatively steady survey. The overall numbers (All ppl 10+, Mon-Sun, 5:30 – midnight) showed Sydney up a little, Melbourne down a bit, Brisbane up by 0.5, Adelaide pretty much the same and 92.9 in Perth down 0.6.

But as they say at SCA, ‘Hey, it’s not about the overall share, it’s all about men 18-54. And we have those in spades.’

If the Triple M stream was Rock Steady, the ride was a little more bumpy at the Today Network.

Flagship 2Day only slipped by 0.2 but it’s 0.2 they can ill afford to lose with the station now on a 3.6 share overall and Breakfast on 3.3.

Better news in Melbourne with Fox steady on 7.8 and retaining the FM lead in that market. But in Brisbane, B105 dropped 0.8 to land on an 8.6 share overall relegating it fifth place in that market.

Adelaide’s SAFM was the only station in the Today Network to record an increase (up 0.5) while Perth’s Mix94.5 shed listeners.

Nova Entertainment

You can’t win ‘em all – even at smoothfm. The brand eased back a little in both Sydney and Melbourne – but no one would be disappointed with 6.7 and 6.4 shares respectively.

Over at Nova, it was mostly good news with 93.7 in Perth the bolter – up 1.2 to share the lead with Mix94.5.

Adelaide’s 91.9 did well to with a 1.4 gain to put it at number three in the city of churches.

Brisbane’s 106.9 had a tiny drop to place it equal second with the ABC.

In Melbourne, Nova 100 enjoyed a 0.5 uptick overall on the back of a similar gain in Breakfast. The result keeps it within 0.5 of the FM leader, Fox and pitched in a four way FM battle that includes Triple M and Gold, with only 0.8 of a share separating them.

Finally to Sydney where the going has always been tougher for the Nova brand.

Despite a solid gain for Fitzy and Wippa in Breakfast the station is languishing on a 6.3, scotching any notion pundits held at the beginning of the year that with Kyle and Jackie O defecting to KIIS, Nova would do a Steven Bradbury and skate to the FM lead while KIIS and 2Day split the audience between them


The alarm bells wouldn’t be ringing just yet at KIIS 1065, but the station’s down to a 7.8 share on the back of a 0.7 drop in the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast show.

Easing any pain felt by management is the fact that Jonesy and Amanda over at WSFM have been a model of consistency to overtake their stable mates and help their station to a 9.5 share and into a clear lead on the FM band.

Gold did well for ARN in Melbourne too with a 0.4 gain, wiped out by Mix101.1. But both stations are struggling to keep in touch with the leaders in Breakfast with Chrissie and Jane posting a 6.5 and Brig and Lehmo a 6.4.

Despite dropping 0.8 in Brisbane, 97.3 FM retains it’s lead while 4KQ also lost ground.

In Adelaide too, both Mix102.3 and Cruise1323 lost momentum but Mix easily held the number one spot it has long been accustomed to.

Fairfax, MRN and other Talk

Although 3AW eased by 0.3 in share points, it retained the lead in Melbourne, 2.6 clear of second placed ABC774.

But while that result may be pleasing to the Fairfax bosses, they’ll be quietly thrilled at the 1.1 gain achieved by 2UE in Sydney putting the station on a 5.7 share, the highest it’s been since Survey 6, 2011.

The Garry and John Breakfast show put on 1.2 to confound the naysayers while 2UE’s football free weekends gained 1.5 to land on an 8.8 share – oh to have that Mon-Fri!

Reality strikes with a thud in Brisbane where the once mighty 4BC languishes on just 4.1 audience share.

Perth’s 6PR lost 0.6 but with an overall 9.6 to its name, it’s not a bad result.

In Adelaide, Nova Entertainment’s only talker, FIVEaa held it’s own on an 11.1 share.

Meanwhile, back in Sydney, 2GB is unflinching, edging up to 13.2 with the Jones and Hadley both gaining share.

With footy finals looming during this survey period, SEN in Melbourne posted a respectable 5.3 share overall.


It was a steady showing from ABC Local Radio with Adelaide the only real standout 891 gaining 1.3 share points, placing it number 2 in the market.

The biggest drop was just 0.7 for 774 in Melbourne – also number 2. Everywhere else it was steady as she goes.

triple j showed little movement in Sydney and Melbourne. It went up 0.9 in Brisbane. Down 0.9 in Adelaide and down 0.6 in Perth



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2UE had the biggest gain in the sydney market, rising 1.1 share points to bring the station back above a 5 share at 5.7% overall. KIIS recorded the biggest fall, dropping 0.9 to 7.8% overall. Top station rankings remained steady.

Market leader 2GB gained 0.1 to 13.2%, followed by ABC702, down 0.1 to 10.6%.

In third place, after the city’s two leading talk stations, WSFM was third placed with 9.5%, up 0.1. ARN stablemate KIIS was fourth on 7.8, down 0.9, with smooth in fifth place on 6.7%, down 0.5 share points, followed by Nova then triple j.

Nova won the 10-24 demographics, Kiis won 25-39s, WSFM won 40-54s, and 2GB won the over 55s.

2GB’s Alan Jones won breakfast, followed by ABC702, then WSFM and Kiis. 2GB won all other shifts except drive, which was won by ABC702’s Richard Glover.


There was little significant movement in the Melbourne market. NewsRadio had the biggest gain, up one share point, and ABC774 had the biggest loss, down 0.7. Top station rankings remained steady.

3AW retained first place on 13.6%, a drop of 0.3, followed by ABC774, which dipped 0.7 to 11.0% overall.

Third placed Fox was steady on 7.8%, followed by fourth placed Gold on 7.6%, up 0.4 share points. Nova 100 moved into fifth place on 7.3%, up 0.5, followed by Triple M, which fell to sixth after slipping 0.5 share points to 7.1%.

Nova won 10-17s, Fox won 18-39s, Triple M won 40-54s and 3AW won the over 55s.

3AW’s Ross and John won breakfast ahead of ABC774, Triple M then Fox. 3AW won every other shift in the market.


Another steady market with little movement. triple j had the biggest gain this survey, up 0.9 with B105 and 97.3 scoring the biggest losses, both down by just 0.8 share points.

97.3 retained top spot with 13.0%, down 0.8, followed by Nova and ABC612 tied for second position on 11.5%. Nova dropped 0.2, while ABC612 gained 0.7 share points.

Next was Triple M on 9.6%, up 0.5, followed by B105 on 8.6%, down 0.8, then triple j on 8.4%, up 0.9.

Nova won 10-39s, 97.3 won 40-54s, 4KQ won 55-64s and ABC612 won the over 65s.

ABC612’s Spencer Howson won breakfast ahead of 97.3’s Robin, Terry and Bob, who had a difficult time during this survey period, with the loss of Robin’s husband.

97.3 won mornings and afternoons, Nova won drive, ABC612 won evenings and 97.3 won weekends.


Nova gained most in Adelaide, up 1.4 share points to 11.8% overall. ABC 891 also gained well, up 1.3 share points to 12.2%, pushing 5AA out of second place. The biggest drop was 0.9, recorded by Cruise and triplej.

First placed Mix 102.3 dropped 0.7 to 15.2%, followed by second placed ABC891 on 12.2%, up 1.3 share points.

Nova rose to third place, up 1.4 to 11.8%, followed by 5AA which dropped 0.3 to fourth place on 11.1%. Triple M was fifth on 9.1%, down 0.1.

Nova won 10-39s, Mix won 40-54s, Cruise won 55-64s and ABC891 won the over 65s.

ABC891’s Abraham and Bevan won breakfast ahead of Mix, which won mornings and afternoons. Nova won drive, ABC891 won evenings, and Mix won weekends.


Nova 93.7 had the biggest gain, rising 1.2 share points to tie for first place. Three stations recorded falls of 0.6, the biggest drop in this survey.

Nova’s rise brought it level with last survey’s first place holder Mix 94.5 on 13.6% after Mix dropped by 0.6 this survey.

96fm was second after the tied leaders, steady at 10.7%. ABC720 was third with 10.1%, a rise of 0.1. triple j was fifth on 9.7%, down 0.6, followed by 6PR on 9.6%, down 0.6 share points.

Nova won 10-17s, triple j won 18-24s, Nova won 25-39s, Mix won 40-64s, ABC720 won the over 65s.

See all the results here and Spin Cycle here.


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