…and the verdict is in. Who won Mix 102.3’s 10 Grand Jury?

Jodie & Soda’s 10 Grand Jury wrapped up this morning on Adelaide’s Mix 102.3.
The jury of six was empanelled on Monday and had an hour each morning, live on air, to debate why they were more deserving of the $10,000 up for grabs. If they couldn’t agree, the cash was due to go to a caller.
The extreme social experiment also hit the airwaves in Melbourne on KIIS 101.1, with some jurors being totally transparent and honest about their reasons for wanting the cash, and others making up complete lies to try to win over the sympathy of everyone else. In three rounds so far in Melbourne, two jury panels have been able to unanimously decide, one went to a caller.
And Adelaide had its own controversy this week. Mix 102.3 received an anonymous call yesterday advising the station one of the jurors had hidden a mobile phone at the hotel, and was using it to communicate with the outside world.

Rooms and jurors were searched for several hours yesterday, to no avail.
This morning, the jury voted the money would go to Abbey, 27, who wanted to fund the travel of her parents-in-law to be by the bedside of her husband as he undergoes a double lung transplant from Cystic Fibrosis. She tearfully told the jury if she won, she would give a portion of the money to charity.

Another juror, Dan, who’s baby daughter died a year ago, told the jury he would only vote for Abbey, in memory of his daughter.


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