Anderson and top ABC executives accept a pay cut

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced ABC managing director, David Anderson, and other executives to take a pay cut.
According to the SMH, Mr Anderson told staff in an email Wednesday that, by his own request, he will not only take a 5 per cent pay cut, but will also reject a planned 2 per cent pay increase, and that the reduction will remain in place until September.
In an email to staff he said, “And as Managing Director, I declined the 2 per cent increase that would have been paid to me pursuant to the remunerational tribunal determination this July. I also requested (and had approved) that my salary be reduced by 5 per cent from April until the end of September. The savings realised from these measures, and other reductions to expenditure this financial year, have contributed to content initiatives during the global pandemic.”
Just two months ago the ABC delayed planned job cuts that were scheduled to be announced due to the increased workload caused by the Corona Virus. The three year funding freeze from last July was expected to cause almost 200 redundancies.
Only recently the Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher, has written to the ABC proposing that its employees also accept a pause in the 2 per cent pay rise that was due to come into effect in October, in line with some other government agencies and departments.






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