Anne Stone marched out of FIVEaa

Adelaide award-winning newsreader, Anne Stone, has described her dismissal from FIVEaa as “brutal.”
According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Anne was axed after 19 years and marched out of the building last Friday without a chance to say goodbye to colleagues or listeners. She was most senior of four journalists in the Adelaide newsroom.
She told the Advertiser, “It’s certainly the most brutal way I’ve ever been dismissed from a job in my 32 years in the industry.”
Reflecting on the way her dismissal was handled she says “It was like a death; it was like something died, which is true, it was such a big part of my life for so long.”
“I’ve been in radio 32 years, I’m one of the most experienced people in the country … I’m bloody good at what I do,” says Anne, “At the end of the day, you’ve just got to pick yourself up and keep going don’t you.”

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