Announcers in lockdown as radio station covers Cyclone Debbie

It was yesterday caught up with Angela Julian, the Content Director of HitFM and TripleM Mackay and the Whitsundays, for an insight into the preparations the radio station was making to ensure the monstrous Cyclone Debbie, currently battering Far North Queensland, is covered.

“All normal programming is out.”
Today Angela is stranded at home with the weather conditions too dangerous for her to make her way to the studio.

Meantime her staff are in lockdown updating listeners with the latest information on the cyclone.

Jay and Dave, Triple M Mackay’s breakfast announcers have been in action since the first warning of Cyclone Debbie, with the fatigue beginning to show. will keep you updated on how the team is holding up as Cyclone Debbie pummels the coast.

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