Anthony Callea joins Fifi & Dave for Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament

Fox FM’s Fifi & Dave managed to convince Anthony Callea to join them at their inaugural Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament on Friday morning, and it was a case of WATCH OUT!

It was all Fifi’s fault…she previously commented that bouncing is a ‘killer hobby’ and Dave agreed to give it a try as long as it was turned into something competitive. However Fifi quickly became frustrated at missing the ball. For Dave, that was the whole point.

The match was opened by Anthony Callea with a unique version of our national anthem. He then represented team Dave in the showdown.  
Fifi ended up ‘dodging’ the game due to injury and Dan Anstey filled in for (and dressed up as her).

Naturally team Fifi was late to turn up to play, but they won. It did help that she had Niko, Australian Dodgeball Champion and David Morris, Sochi Olympic Silver Medallist on her team!

See all the action here:

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