April Fools Day

On Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 this April Fools’ Day morning, listeners were told that the station was launching its first “interactive listening experience” through the Nova app.
Listeners were told to download the Nova app and at 7.30am they could speak into the microphone on their phone and it will connect directly to the Breakfast team.

At Power FM in SA, Craig Pittman, drive host and production manager, stitched up the brekky guys Kristel & Damon in a variety of ways:

  • Adding Team America “Matt Damon” quote into all imaging for the show
  • Mixed up sounds on the button bar
  • Fake commercials with tech issues and dead air
  • Got the ‘non-committal’ Kristel to admit she loved her boyfriend (by getting her to read a fake commercial for another station)

Sister stations K rock Geelong and bay 93.9 breakfast shows thought they would play the ultimate prank on their listeners around Geelong and the Surf Coast.

It was business as usual until 7:10am when the bay 93.9’s Morning Crew Hayden & Milly decided it was time to switch studios with K rock’s Fresh Daily hosts Sarah Maree Cameron & Andy Sunderland for one break.

Listeners were quick to call both stations thinking that there had been a technical issue.


AT 4MK, Dave Perkins informed listeners that Game Of Thrones, Season 8, was cancelled due to a dispute between the Screen Actors Guild and GOT producers.

Magic 93.1’s breakfast duo Sean & Mariam decided to pay homage to Fitzy and Wippa by pranking their boss. 

The brief was simple, rig up the studio to broadcast out into the radio station’s offices, making staff and more importantly, General Manager Greg Bakker believe that what the two were saying was going to air




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