ARN introduces new radio advertising booking system

ARN and OMD are today officially launching RadioMATRIX – a holdings system for radio bookings, which has already demonstrated it can cut campaign reconciliations from one month, to one day.

The service, designed and managed by AudioNET, provides automated daily file transfers of ARN bookings and confirmations, which are directly imported into OMD’s BCC booking system.

Jo Dick, Head of Radio at OMD says, “It’s the beginning of a new era for radio advertising, facilitating better campaign management. The provision of radio holdings puts ARN radio at the forefront of industry best practice”.

When the television networks introduced their holdings systems five years ago, agencies estimate it cut their campaign administration by 80%. RadioMATRIX Holdings further improves on TV holdings by collating one file for each agency and providing a more robust file transfer platform.

ARN National Agency Sales Director Matthew Granger says, “We are committed to making it easier and more efficient for our agency partners to do business with us. This is the first of a series of substantial investments that ARN is making to ensure we continue to lead and improve the services we provide to agencies.”

ARN’s COO Geraint Davies says, “RadioMATRIX is just the first phase in ARN’s integration with the agency booking system BCC. The electronic transfer of proposals and bookings will be introduced to the service in the not too distant future.”

“AudioNET has provided a more streamlined delivery method to overcome issues supplying via email, which is often problematic for TV holdings files”, explains OMD’s Head of Media Systems Andree Norbury.

OMD has been testing RadioMATRIX on behalf of the Media Federation of Australia and other agencies are expected to adopt RadioMATRIX as soon as practical.