ARN’s silent commitment to R U OK? Day

In support of R U OK? Day, and as part of ARN’s ongoing commitment to mental health, Sydney’s KIIS 1065 and Melbourne’s KIIS 1011 stations are going silent for 10 seconds, every hour, for the entire day today.

ARN hopes this silence will act as an important reminder to its listeners to look for the signs, reach out to someone they know if they suspect they may not be OK, and show them that they’re supported.
Nationally, all ARN staff have been educated on the critical messages of R U OK? Day and encouraged to reconnect with those around them, whether it’s a family member, friend or workmate, and start an RUOK? Day Conversation following these four steps:
1. Ask R U OK?
2. Listen
3. Encourage action
4. Check in
ARN also encourages its staff and audiences to remember we are all in this together, and to reach out for support if they are not OK to a loved one or via



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