Asbestos scare at Townsville’s 4TTT

Townsville community station 4TTT may be relocated after the discovery of potential asbestos containing material in its home at the School of Arts building.


Townsville City Council has offered to relocate community radio station 4TTT after contractors doing scheduled maintenance notified council that they had found old asbestos material in the roof cavity of the historic building.

The site has been cleared and the contractor, which is licensed to identify and remove asbestos, is undertaking an investigation in accordance with safe work procedures.

The possible presence of asbestos only affects the 4TTT building. Council staff are working closely with 4TTT management to find alternative studios as a matter of priority.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said: “Radio 4TTT were notified this afternoon and their staff and volunteers have temporarily vacated the building. Radio 4TTT is a significant community asset in Townsville, operating for some 30 years, and it’s important that they continue broadcasting, however, the health and safety of all is paramount.

“We are working with a number of broadcast facilities to explore whether 4TTT can remain on-air in alternative accommodation at council cost… We’re proud to have 4TTT as our tenant and we look forward to seeing them back in there and broadcasting as soon as safely possible.”

The station is airing pre-recorded material until the problem is solved.

4TTT broadcasts from a 20,000 watt transmitter on Mount Stuart and was Townsville’s first FM station, going to air in 1982 as 4ttt-fm.