Ash the Musical: a mid-life musical crisis

Nova Brisbane’s breakfast anchor will be the subject of a musical to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Ash Bradnam made it clear in an early year programming meeting that he did not want a “song and dance” about his birthday. But that is just what he is going to happen.
That statement inspired Nova 106.9FM Program Director Jay Walkerden and Assistant PD Dee Curtis to conspire with the extended Nova team and Ash’s wife, twin brother, mother and extended family, to create the biggest “song and dance” they could. Bradnam got the shock of his life on air this morning when the plan was revealed.
Ash Bradnam: The Musical  has been three months in the making and will be a one hour show that will cover Ash’s life from school-boy to now and will feature performances from Nova staff, family,  friends and yet-to-be revealed celebrity guests. The musical will be narrated by co-presenter and Ash’s best mate, David “Luttsy” Lutteral.
Over 400 listeners will join Ash’s family, the Nova 106.9FM team and invited guests to watch the show on Monday 8th October at the Brisbane Powerhouse.
The on-air reveal included the screening of the musical’s promotional trailer which features a photographic montage of Ash’s life and a performance of one of the songs that will feature in the musical, penned by co-presenter Kip Wightman.
Listen to how it was all revealed this morning on air at Nova Brisbane.