Audible goes ghost hunting

Audible has released Ghosthunter, an original 5 part podcast series on paranormal activity.

The first ghost Jason King ever saw was his brother’s. When the ghost told him he needed to find their estranged father his life was changed forever.

The moment marks the starting point for the story of Ghosthunter, created by documentarian Ben Lawrence.

The podcast is part family memoir and part true crime, following a Western Sydney security guard and self-taught ghost hunter confronting a terrible family secret.

Over the course of seven years, Lawrence becomes entwined with King’s belief in the supernatural and how it could be the key to unlocking his forgotten childhood. But things get complicated when a three-year police investigation interrupts their research into the King family’s murky past.

Years of self-reflection, estranged characters from the past and haunted paranormal incidents bring the pair to a confronting conclusion.

Ghosthunter is part of a slate of Australian Audible Original content being produced locally from this year. The first podcast launched was It Burns, with more scheduled to be launched later this year.





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