Australia Explained: SBS Audio guide for new migrants

SBS Audio has altered its flagship Settlement Guide and rebranded to Australia Explained to better support new migrants to achieve a greater sense of belonging and social cohesion.

Australia Explained is published weekly in over 30 languages and on various platforms including articles, podcasts and videos offering practical, multilingual information and resources on employment, housing, health, education, emergency essentials and more.

This now includes multilingual explainers on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum, with First Nations perspectives, and information around eligibility to vote.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, David Hua, said:

“SBS is committed to supporting new migrants to successfully settle and live well in Australia. No matter what language you speak or where you come from, it’s important for everyone to feel welcomed and connected and that they are part of society.”

Australia Explained won a recent EMPA Award for Excellence in Emergency Communications for its multilingual Special Edition Emergency series. Aimed at increasing awareness and community resilience, the 10 episodes cover common natural hazards, risk prevention, emergency alerts, and how to access local emergency services and training.

This month the service has expanded to include SBS’s newest languages Bislama (predominantly spoken in Vanuatu) and Telugu (predominantly spoken in India) to reach even more migrants needing support to settle in Australia.

“This marks a significant milestone for SBS as we venture into broadcasting in the Bislama language for the very first time. I’m excited to help serve as a bridge between the local community and broader Australian society by delivering content that educates, enriches and helps make life that much easier for new migrants,” said Albert James, SBS Bislama Content Producer.

SBS’s Learn English is free and developed in partnership with teaching experts to assist adults. The online materials span videos with subtitles in over 18 languages, worksheets and fortnightly podcasts. This includes the recently launched Meet Leila and Ziad series for conversational English and the Living with Aussie Wildlife series which has received over 224,000 plays.

Australia Explained:

Learn English:

All SBS Audio content is on the SBS website and app. Selected SBS Audio content is also available wherever audiences consume podcasts and radio streams.

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