Australian Swimmers thank Fitzy and Wippa

Every time Australia wins a gold medal, Fitzy and Wippa are celebrating with a ‘Hop Of Honour’ – a parade through a suburb of Sydney with anyone else who wants to wear a giant kangaroo suit and join in.

This time they celebrated Australia 4x100m freestyle relay victory by rounding up a group of thirty locals in Cronulla and walking through the mall in kangaroo suites.


Despite incredulous looks from bystanders, loosing people along the way, aggressive dogs, and a couple of kangaroos trying to “mate with each other”, the stunt seemed to go smoothly. “It’s not hot underneath at all; a practical suite”, said Wippa.


The group finished with the national anthem.

Two of the members of the relay team used Twitter to thank Fitzy and Wippa for the stunt.


“Haha! That’s classic! Loved the dog going nuts at u all walking past. Thanks for the laugh :)”, said Melanie Schlanger. Alicia Coutts was similarly congratulatory.


Watch the video here.