Australia’s biggest showbiz wanker named on 2Day

Australian filmmaker and creator of Bogan Hunters, Paul Fenech, named Richard Wilkins the “biggest wanker” in the industry on 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B breakfast show. 
Fenech also went on to give Sophie Monk a test to determine whether she’s a bogan. She passed with flying colours – bogan first class.
According to Fenech, Wilkins is a wanker because he’s been snubbed by him on red carpet events going back years. Fenech said the entertainment reporter always gives him an “I can’t stand you look” and that he’ll never forgive him.

Jules: Who’s the biggest wanker in the industry do you think? 

Paul: Richard Wilkins. He’s a stooge mate, on the red carpet for years, we were entertaining, the clown snubbed me. Richard I swear to God if I see you bro, I’m going to come at your house and do burn outs at 2am and keep you awake. Blow up your letterbox.
Sophie: Was he that bad?
Paul: To me he is! Richard, what did I do to you bro?
Merrick: He doesn’t know how to speak Wog. You’ve got to remember he’s a Kiwi…He doesn’t know how to do it.
Paul: Mate this feud with Richard Wilkins goes back years bro, years. We used to turn up at The Logies years ago, putting on a show, and he’d always give us this look. It’s the Richard Wilkins “I can’t stand you look” and I’m never going to forgive him for it. He gives it to me every time I see him, so there’s an on-going feud with me and Richard. I don’t care if he’s sixty, I swear to god Richard just look out bro!

Sophie: Maybe he’s jealous? Maybe he’s looking at you like “I wish I was him…and I didn’t have to colour my hair blonde”.

Paul: Maybe…maybe he doesn’t get to flex under those ‘80s suits he wears, I don’t know.


Paul: Let me conduct my expedition into boganoligy right here in the studio. Let’s start. Number one. Sophie, are you a Jack Daniels or Jim Beam drinker?
Sophie: Jim Beam.
Paul: Do you have a tattoo? I’m going to change this…do you have a home done tattoo?
Sophie: No. I’ve got a tattoo though. 

Paul: You do have a tattoo. More than one?

Sophie: No.

Paul: Just one single tattoo? 
Sophie: Yeah. It’s my last name on my neck.

Paul: Is that in case you get lost?

Sophie: No actually, I’ve no joke used it when they didn’t believe my credit card was mine and I went “well would I go this far?” and it works as ID.

Merrick:  Oh that’s good. That’s clever.

Jules: That’s the boganist thing I’ve ever seen. Keep going…

Paul: Do you wear ugg boots out in public?

Sophie: Every day.

Paul: Every day? That’s a tick.

Jules: Soph, this is looking bad for you.

Sophie: Or good…I’m winning!

Paul: Have you ever flashed at V8 Supercars event?

Sophie: Oh yeah, I flashed at the window washers the other day.

Paul: Oh that’s good, that’s a big tick, that’s a big plus. Have you been photographed on the toilet?

Sophie: Oh, only last weekend!

Paul: Is it on Facebook?

Sophie: Yes, they Instagramed it! Oh man I’m a bogan aren’t I….

Merrick: We only needed 75%, we got 100%.

Paul: You are a bonafide bogan, I congratulate you, welcome to the fold. I’ll do some Tequila and Jim Beam shots later with you if you care to.

Sophie: Oh, love it!

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