B105 brings Bobsledding to Brisbane

With the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi just about to begin, B105’s Labby, Stav and Abby have held Brisbane’s first ever Bobsled race.

Over 3 weeks, 10 teams did their best to convert Bunnings billycarts into a bobsled capable of careering down the slope from the tenths tee at the Victoria Park Golf Course.

As in real bobsled races, there were quite a few who did not make it to the finish line, including breakfast host Jason ‘Labby’ Hawkins who crashed out right on the line losing both a bit of skin and his dignity.

Abby Coleman, dressed in a grid girl outfit, waved her chequered flag and sent the three fastest “bobsledders’ down the hill. Big Test Icicles made it over the line first with Hot Ice second and Ooga Booga third. They shared $3,000 in prize money.

When Stav Davison was asked how Brisbane’s first ever bobsled race went? “Bobsledding was the real winner here today”

See the video below – and vision of Labby’s ill fated run.


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