B105 make history broadcasting their breakfast show underwater from the Great Barrier Reef

B105 are claiming radio history was made today when Stav, Abby and Matt donned their scuba gear for the first ever underwater radio broadcast from the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef.

Putting paid to their name, two Sheppards accompanied them on this historic journey, as in the music superstars, George and Amy Sheppard, from  SHEPPARD!

 The breakfast trio spent roughly half of the show underwater, broadcasting via helmets that trap oxygen around their head and George and Amy joined them and performed live to their most unique live audience yet the Great Barrier Reef’s famous marine life.

What did they sing, Under the Sea of course.

While Stav and Matt channeled their inner ‘Scuba Steve’, Abby confessed on air she was still scared of being underwater, and so they called on the one and only Matthew McConaughey for advice.

The full interview will air tomorrow on their show, but the silky-voiced southern actor gave some sage words about sharks, saying, “I’m going to share something with you that one of the great divers told me when we were on the Great Barrier Reef – and there were quite a few sharks coming by. I got back to the top, and I was very relaxed with the sharks, but I thought, should we be relaxed with sharks?

 “Australians have these great lines, like, y’know, the Irukandji, it’s not poisonous mate, you just die from the pain! But on sharks they said, don’t worry about it mate, you’re not on the menu…. helps you relax underwater.”

Stav Abby and Matt are spending two days broadcasting from Far North Queensland this week, with today’s show underwater, and tomorrow’s show from Cairns.

The trip is shining a light on the famous Great Barrier Reef and the greater region and is supported by Carnival Cruise Lines.