Fran Kelly calls time on RN Breakfast after 17 years

Fran Kelly finished her 17 year Breakfast run on ABC RN yesterday, and among the surprises for the morning was a montage of former and current politicians bidding her farewell.

John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Barnaby Joyce, Christopher Pyne and Malcolm Turnbull were among those who left messages for Fran on her final day.

Former PM, John Howard, told Fran that  “I always enjoyed being interviewed by you. You’ve got your views, we don’t always agree, but it’s always a stimulating experience (and) I thank you for the courtesies that you have always displayed towards my staff…Goodbye and bless you.”

Kevin Rudd told Fran, “Thank you for your service to get beyond the headline to the guts and nuts and bolts of the issue, and not to be fobbed off by the classic political duck and weave around the hard question, and the fact that you go back and go back and go back again.”

 Christopher Pyne said, “ I can say Fran, with great confidence, that you always asked me a direct question, and I almost always gave you a direct answer.”

Her producers also put together a ‘Best Of’ compilation that covers that last 17 years.

Fran is not lost to RN, and after a long summer break will return in a yet to be announced role on the national broadcaster.

Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas will move onto breakfast in the new year.

When announcing her decision in October, Fran said, I’ve been in this role for 17 years and I have loved every second of it. Each morning is an adrenalin-fuelled, non-stop live ride interviewing some of the greatest and most interesting minds in Australia and the world. I thrive on the thrill of both setting the day’s news agenda and engaging in the public discussions we have as a society.

 “Presenting RN Breakfast is the best journalism job in the country and it is very hard to walk away from it. But Breakfast is a hard taskmaster – 17 years of early mornings is tough on the body and soul and I am choosing to leave now because I never want to give this job any less than 100 per cent.”

RN Breakfast Friday host Sally Sara is an early favourite to move into Drive after she was pipped to take over Kelly’s role.

Tina Quinn from Fourth Estate interviewed Fran in this week’s program. Listen below.

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