Baby joy for KIIS Network’s Will & Woody

A few months after Will welcomed his little girl Max into the world, Woody, never too far away from his on-air partner, is following suit as his partner Mimi has just given birth to a happy and healthy baby girl.

Born October 4, both bub and mum Mimi are doing well and Woody is still really stoked that he didn’t pass out during the birth.

He says, “She already has more hair than Will, which is a massive win for everyone. She has now also leapfrogged Will in my “top mates list” as hair follicle density is obviously the most important trait in a mate.

“She doesn’t quite get to the number 1 spot though as that remains with my beautiful fiancé Mim who absolutely dominated in the birthing suite.  

“I have never been witness to courage and determination like it and whilst watching her in pain was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, I also couldn’t have felt more love towards her as she took on (and beat) each and every contraction and big final push.”

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