Craig Moore has been made redundant at 3AW

The Herald Sun is reporting (subscription required) that 3AW sports boss Craig Moore has been made redundant.

Moore had run the stations AFL coverage for almost a decade, but just two weeks after the AFL entered into a new radio rights agreement with radio stations, his role as Head of Sport – Radio Division, has been scrapped.

The AFL was already unhappy with 3AW’s coverage after the station decided to abandon Thursday night games and run Denis Walter’s evening show instead.

Last year when Rex Hunt’s radio comeback was scuttled after he launched an extraordinary on-air attack on Moore who had phoned him while onair to complain about an interview that had gone overtime and past a scheduled ad break.

Nine has had to revamp its AFL and sports coverage after losing Gerard Healy’s Sportsday show to SEN.

Sam McClure to stay at 3AW to host a new Wide World of Sports program which kicks off on November 1.