Back surgery takes Eoin Cameron off air

Perth’s top rating Breakfast presenter, 720 ABC Perth’s Eoin Cameron, will be taking a two month break from the air waves as he undergoes back surgery in August.

“Following my car accident in October 2013, in which my back was fractured, I had a number of procedures, which have only been partially successful, as has the subsequent pain management. I’m now facing a major operation, which I am confident will improve my quality of life.”

In Cameron’s absence, Afternoon presenter Gillian O’Shaughnessy will step in to present the Breakfast program on 720 ABC Perth and ABC Local Radio WA from Thursday 13 August. She is no stranger to the shift, starting out on 720 as a radio news reader on the Breakfast program and has occasionally filled in for Cemeron.

Gillian O’Shaughnessy said: “It’s long been my ambition to get out of bed at 3am. Cammo has assured me that Breakfast Radio is very glamorous, and I have often been told I look my best in the dim light of morning…

“I am fully aware of Cammo’s total inability to take the leave he needs and I plan on taking a tough approach to his weird work ethic. He’s been told if he doesn’t stay away until he’s really better this time, Day Trip to Bangor gets it. And then the Dusty Springfield collection. One by one. I’m not kidding. Don’t even ask me What the Fox says.”

720 ABC WA Local Content Manager Sarah Knight says Breakfast will certainly not be the same with Eoin Cameron on leave, but knows he’ll be back: “Gillian has spent the year exploring Perth on Afternoons and I know will engage with 720 ABC Perth listeners while Eoin is recovering from a very necessary operation. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself and Breakfast is sure to remain a great mix of fun and information. The music might change a little bit, but there is no one who programs music like Cammo.”

720 ABC Perth expects Eoin Cameron will return once fully recovered mid-October and not any earlier despite resistance from Eoin.

“I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than be away from the job I love, but this must be. Pray for me. Love Eoin.”

Former Afternoons Producer and occasional ABC radio presenter, Diana Darmody will fill in for Gillian on Afternoons.

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