Bar Rat back on air after close call

919 SEA FM’s BarRat will be back on Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast with co-host Heidi Latcham next week after he broke his neck cutting a tree down in his backyard.

After the fall from the tree, it then landed on him.

After surgery, weeks of recovery and multiple plates and screws, BarRat is now ready to come back.

“I’m so happy to have my mate back in the studio with me, I have really missed him!” said Heidi.

Adam Barratt realised that he needed to get back to work “after watching strange reality TV shows and thinking what the AF am I doing with my life?”

“It’s been a surreal few weeks and I can’t thank enough the doctors, nurses and everyone else that has helped/reached out. It made a huge difference. I’m looking forward to Heidi helping me slowly integrate back into society and can’t wait to see if I now go off when I walk through airport security!.

BarRat and Heidi will be back on air on 919 Sea FM from Monday 30th September 2019.


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