BARIX, Dielectric, GatesAir, StreamGuys & ENCO at NABshow

NABShow is the largest trade show in the world for broadcasting, and apart from the big players, there are a number of innovative smaller companies showing products thsi year.

GatesAir is at NABShow with DAB+ transmitters from 1KW and below, and Ted Lantz says the cost of transmitters is getting more affordable.


ENCO have released a new version of WebDAD as well as with a bevy of new advances in its award-winning enCaption4 automated captioning solution.


Through SE Asia, Dialectric have been making inroads with the supply of low power transmitters, and Cory Edwards says they have had some recent success in the Philippines.

BARIX have released two new products ideal for stations on smaller budgets with a Silence Detector and the MA400 SIP Opus Codec combining the dynamic flexibility and ease of SIP-
based link establishment with the quality and efficiency of the Opus compression format.


StreamGuys are showing SGrewind, that can automatically retain a rolling window of replayable content, SGrewind lets radio broadcasters give their listeners network DVR-like abilities to rewind, pause, or restart a live stream from the beginning of a program.





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