Gary Roberts out of retirement to fix 96

Coming last in the ratings (GfK Survey 1, 2019) among commercial FM stations in Perth, no one can deny that the once mighty 96FM is in need of a fix.

96FM parent ARN is hoping that Gary Roberts is the man that can bring their problem child into line.

Mr Roberts is the only person in Australia to have managed all Commercial FM stations in one major market and most recently was with Nova – where he was Managing Director for 16 years. 

The move marks a return to 96FM for Mr Roberts who launched the station as Program Director in 1980 and continued as General Manager for twelve years. During that time, he led 96FM to a record 34 consecutive Number One surveys.

He will take on the role of Managing Director.

Based in Perth, Gary will work closely with ARN’s National Executive Leadership team including Chief Commercial Officer Peter Whitehead, and National Content Director Duncan Campbell, to support the Sales team on revenue growth and the Content team to drive ratings.
Of the appointment, ARN’s CEO Ciaran Davis said, “ARN is proud to welcome Gary to the role of Managing Director – Perth. This appointment forms part of ARN’s broader strategic review, and Gary’s unique and unprecedented career in radio will ensure we have the required level of senior leadership and management in Perth”