Ben and Mark celebrate 10 years on-air together

Ben Hollist and Mark Flanagan have been behind the microphone for a total combined time of over 40 years. In that time they were both fortunate enough to have spent time on air at C91.3 Campbelltown; Mark has also spent time on air at 2CA Canberra and Triple M Sydney.

They are still in radio but have fallen back to where they first met – local radio 2GLF 89.3fm ( where they co-host a show called “RETRO ROCK LIVE” every Sunday night from 8pm till 11pm (Sydney Australia time).

These guys love to entertain and really don’t take things to seriously. They have interviewed people from the music industry like Doc Neeson, John & Rick Brewster from the Angles; Mark Williams and Todd Hunter from Dragon; Diesel; Lizanne Richards; Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets and The Angels… the list goes on.

They have also chatted to movie and small screen actors such as Walter Keonig (Pavel Chekov from the original series of Star Trek), Marc Singer (Beastmaster & TOS of V), Bernie Koppel (Sigfried in Get Smart and Dr Adam Bricker in The Love Boat) plus the stars of cult classic Red Dwarf – Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten).

The show is a bit dangerous for those that are politically correct too;

 “In our world there is no such thing as being politically correct says Ben. “We call a spade a spade, a shovel a shovel, and we also do a soap box segment where it is really no holds barred” adds Mark. “If someone tries to pull the PC, feminist or other crap on things, we will set them straight”.

In the 10 years they have been on air together, they have not had one complaint lodged against them, so either they are doing something right, or no one is listening. Ben & Mark like to believe it is the former, as station records have shown they are averaging almost 500 program downloads a month.

You never know, you just may learn something: like how to laugh at yourself and the world, as laughter makes the world seem a lot easier to cope with and life a tad brighter.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube, or follow the link to send them an e-mail. Abusing or not they don’t care just as they will just abuse you back.

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