Ben Fordham is bracing for an AFP raid

2GB’s Ben Fordham is bracing for the possibility of being raided by the Australian Federal Police after revealing a senior source in Home Affairs told him up to six boats could have recently attempted journeys to Australia from Sri Lanka.
Shortly after airing the story containing confidential the Home Affairs information, Ben says his producer was called by an official from the Department and told an investigation would commence as a result of an “unauthorized disclosure” of information and Ben was asked to assist in the investigation.
Despite being assured that he is not the target of the investigation, but that the Department is pursuing the person who passed on the information, Ben says he will not be revealing his source, saying “There’s not a hope in hell of that happening… under no circumstance will I be revealing my sources on this story or any story.
“I work in a business that’s based on freedom of the press and shining a torch in areas where there are shadow and it’s not fair to the people who assist me in my work to give them up the moment the AFP comes knocking.”

Only yesterday the apartment of Canberra journalist Annika Smethurst was raided by the AFP over an April 2018 story about a secret government plan to spy on Australians.
Alan Jones emailed the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison in London, asking if the PM was prepared to talk about the raid.
In his email reply to Alan Jones, the PM said “Alan, the raids are a matter for the Australian Federal Police. They are not directed by the government. They are not conducted with the knowledge of the government. They are an independent law enforcement agency.”




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