For Ben & Liam it was time for a move

Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton have revealed why they decided to leave triple j, telling that they felt the time was right.

“Three years at triple j was a good amount of time,” Ben told “After the three years we kind of felt like we’d ticked all the boxes.
“At triple j we definitely got very comfortable. If you’re too comfortable that can be a bit of a worry because you start to cruise, and we didn’t want to cruise.”
The lure of moving back to their hometown of Adelaide, and a chance to compete in the world of commercial radio convinced the pair that they had made the right move.
“If you want a long-term career in the game, sooner or later you’re going to have to learn how to do commercial radio and be good at it,” Liam told
Liam recently told radioinfo, “Moving back home has been great. You forget about the whole ‘Big country town thing,. As soon as we walked into Nova Adelaide everyone was bowling names at us….
“Oi ya know Kirk Changley from ya school? Yeah man, he’s my cousin…I’m your ex-girlfriends uncles neighbour…My sister used to be your hairdresser. Classic Adelaide.”

On joining Nova, he said, “It’s all been pretty surreal so far. Everyone’s been so enthusiastic at Nova. They’ve even made pens with our names printed on em.”



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