Ben Sorensen’s REAL Country hits its 200th episode

Back on the 29th August 2011 Ben Sorensen hit the airwaves on 5 radio stations with the first episode of a brand new show called Ben Sorensen’s REAL Country. Now in July 2015 the show hits its 200th episode.

Today, Ben Sorensen’s REAL Country is on over 100 radio stations in 5 countries and is a very successful podcast. Ben and his team have been together from the beginning setting out to provide content driven, quality, syndicated radio.

“It’s been a wild ride. I’ve taken the show all over Australia, then across the world over to Nashville & Santa Monica in the USA, Bonn & Karlsruhe in Germany, Dublin Ireland, and an adventure through Paris, France… All while playing an eclectic mix of predominantly Australian tunes.“ Ben says “Country listeners are very passionate about the genre, and I cop a bit of flack about the show name, REAL Country, which wasn’t intended as a literal title, but more tongue and cheek, subtly inferring that REAL was a relative point of view and that the reality is that country is a broad genre that is constantly evolving.”

Some of the notable interviews on the show have included Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Lee Kernaghan, Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Big & Rich, Darius Rucker, Jetty Road, Melinda Schneider, Beccy Cole, Adam Brand, O’Shea and more.

Currently REAL Country has produced over 250 hours of content – and all still available to listen to via podcast on iTunes.

“After 200 shows, with ups and downs in the very real world of my life, I am blessed to have so many great stations and people who love the show and see value in the content I create, and also how I view the world. The 200th show is a celebration of music, a big THANK YOU to my supporters, and proof that success can even come to those who sprout tastefully delivered dad jokes and puns.”