Bianca & Heidi get mental-er

The wait is over for fans of Bianca and Heidi.

The Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er podcast has been launched.

Listeners have been pumped for the release of the Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er podcast, by hit92.9’s Heidi Anderson, from Heidi, Will & Woody, and 92.5 GoldFM’s Bianca Dye, and now the big day has arrived.
Available on iTunes and Heidi’s website, Real Heidi, Heidi & Bianca get mental-er are tackling the big issues around mental health and breaking down taboo’s around these invisible illnesses one step at a time.
Check out the first edition of Heidi & Bianca Get Mental-er below, which introduces us to the podcast series and delves into Heidi & Bianca’s own experiences with mental illness.

The pair, who have never met, are doing the podcast together because “that’s how awesome we are,” they tell the listeners in the show.


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