BOOM Radio presenter supports the #NotInMyName movement

BOOM Radio’s Zaheer Ahmed has shown his support for the viral campaign “Not In My Name” which stands up against terrorism that claims to be undertaken in the name of Islam.

Zaheer’s photo on the student radio facebook page has gained traction online since he posted it yesterday afternoon.

His aim in posting the photo is to spread the message that most Muslims do not identify with ISIS or extremism.
The “Not In My Name” hashtag started in London and has gained a following around the world.
As a proud young Muslim born in Australia, Zaheer Ahmed says he “firmly believes that Islam has been grossly misrepresented.”
“In today’s society people connect Islam with terrorism. I find it so frustrating that people associate such false negativity with the religion I was brought upon that actually promotes nothing but love and peace.”

Boom Radio, the student broadcast station of the Central Institute of Technology in Leederville, Perth, hopes that more people get behind this cause and support Muslims living in Australia.


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