On air chemistry the secret to success: James Brayshaw

Triple M’s James Brayshaw has told Craig Bruce what he considers the secret of Triple M’s success in the latest SCA Engage video briefing.

“Chemistry” between an on air team is the most important thing, according to Brayshaw, who says “Triple M has always had big names [in sport], but just throwing people together doesn’t work, you’ve got to want to spend time with them.”

With the AFL Grand Final coming up this weekend, the show is likely to spike in the ratings next week due to its focus on sport.

Sport is a major topic on the show because “if you go to a BBQ blokes gravitate to the BBQ of the fridge and talk about sport… it’s like going to the pub with your mates.”

The environment created by the show is good for the sponsors too. Brayshaw told Bruce that the team sits down with the advertiser to find out what they want reflected on air through the on air team. “It’s much more personal than just a live read for a sponsor.”

After 20 years of Triple M footy Craig Bruce says this is “probably the best year yet,” for results. Next Tuesday’s ratings results will reveal if he is right.


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