Bouman waxed and made up for tv traffic reports

The case of Bouman verses the Australian Traffic Network continues in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, with new claims and counter claims being made. In the most recent statements filed with the tribunal, ATN says Jason Bouman had a “messy” appearance on camera, but he denies that, saying he wore tv makeup, shaved every day and waxed his hair. ATN filed a number of statements from staff and executives refuting Bouman’s original statement of claim. Bouman has also responded to ATN in what is turning out to be a very messy case. Key points from the latest documents include:

ATN says Bouman looked “unkempt, disheveled of unshaven” on channel 9, but he says he had his “hair waxed and professionally prepared,” he wore makeup and shaved every day. Bouman also says matters about his appearance were never raised with him.


ATN says reporters are regularly changed around to different networks. Bouman refutes that claim citing staff who have been rostered to the same network for many years to “ensure consistency.”


ATN says Bouman filed unsatisfactory shots of traffic and shots that were the same for channels 9 and 7. Bouman counters by saying in various paragraphs of his statement that: he was trained to use the same shots, the equipment was out of date, he was not the cameraman, and that, when the matter of using different shots was brought to his attention, it was corrected.


ATN says Bouman was unprofessional, disrespectful and aggressive in conversations with senior staff. Bouman denies that.


Bouman denies contacting the Sydney Morning Herald about the matter, but confirms he responded to a call by Andrew Hornery who already knew about the planned changes to Bouman’s shift.


ATN alleges that Bouman made false allegations in his statement. Bouman denies this.


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