Seal’s choice for Voice winner revealed on Nova

The Voice’s Seal dropped into dmg’s studios to chat to Nova 969’s Smallzy and smooth 95.3’s Ed Phillips this week. In the conversation he revealed who he thinks will win the hit reality music tv show. Seal has his own show on smoothfm on Sunday mornings from 9am.


Who does Seal think will win? His pick is Karise Eden, who he says is the voice of her generation. Listen here.


Sunday night’s show was quite emotional and Smallzy asked if he formed a bond with the contestants.

Seal: “Absolutely, you’ve got to realise that all of these artists can sing…so it then becomes about coaching them in their careers and therefore their lives so you get emotional attached to them, they’re people, quite often you are looking at these people  almost like looking back through time and seeing yourself, they are at the beginning of their journey and you are somewhere in the middle towards the end so you can’t help but become emotional invested in them.” 



A listener called in to ask if Seal will be on the show again next year.

Seal: “I’d love to mate, it’s been an incredible experience. The way I see it is that you are basically looking at yourself when you are looking at these singers. That is one of the credible things about this shows, they have got credible singers to be coaches rather than record company executives, they got people who actually know what these great artists are going through so when we do give criticism it is constructive rather than just for great TV. I don’t think the artists will actually know how much they have given us back…”



Seal’s opinion on possible winners:

“One of the biggest problems facing people is they just need to be heard, there are many singers and non singers who need to be heard, who need some type of validation, who are going through trials and tribulation, the fortune, the less fortunate, the millions of people who were told they would never amount to anything, all the people who just wanted to express something but don’t really have a voice, they do have the voice now, a voice of a generation who is speaking for everyone who has never been heard and her name is Karise Eden.

“That is the reason I chose her when it came down to the final two, I used the word she needs to go through to represent, it’s not that she was any more deserving than Fatai, she has a unique thing in her voice that echoes the sentiments of the generation. She resonates with a lot of people know what she is going through. That’s why if I was pushed and you said who do I think should win or is going to win, I don’t know, I think she needs to win for the people just as much as she needs to win for herself, she needs to represent the millions of people who are never heard and who want to express themselves because she has that unique quality in her voice that does that.”