Brad Geier passes a decade on breakfast at KLFM

Founder and Manager of Radio KLFM Bendigo, Brad Geier, has recently clocked up ten years of Breakfast Shows.
The legendary Ian “Nicko” Nicholls hosted Breakfast from January 1999 to November 2009 with Brad succeeding to the early morning shift in November 2009.
Brad says “When Nicko retired from Breakfast in 2009, I never dreamed that I would take over the shift.
“At first I thought, what big shoes I have to fill, but I was taught by one of the best, in Bob Taylor at the Announcers Academy of Australia and had the privilege of working and learning from one of the best broadcasters in the business, Nicko”.
KLFM recently celebrated its 30th Birthday since formation having begun full time broadcasting on Australia day in 1998 after 9 years of test transmissions.
Since then, the station has grown from strength to strength encouraging former broadcasters from both commercial and ABC Radio to present regular shifts on the station, including John Page, Barrie Hanson, the late Barry Washington, Russ Street, Graeme Turpie and a host of others.
Brad said it was such a shame to see so many experienced broadcasters literally thrown on the scrap heap as they got older.  “One of my goals was to attract former broadcasters to re-join the industry through KLFM, which some have said has been a life saver for them”.
“I’ve absolutely loved the last Ten years of Brekky, although the 4.30am starts can wear a bit thin after a while, but I still love it and have such a passion for Radio that I think I will continue on for another Ten years.
“It’s old style radio. The announcer does everything, no producers etc.  I start at 4.30am to prepare and read the Local News during the show as well as broadcast, take calls from listeners, and as an Emergency Broadcaster, keeping a close watch on everything around Central Victoria.
“As we do everything, it can be quite draining and you are definitely exhausted by the end of the shift”. But that’s Real Radio, and that’s what I love about it” Brad said.




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