Bridge and Spida sleep over with the Mayor

Gold FM’s Bridge & Spida have been granted unprecedented access to the Tate’s residence as they slept over at the Mayor’s house last night.

The night kicked off with a roast dinner cooked by Ruth, the Mayor’s wife, and also included a game of ‘The Snoop Wheel’, where Bridge & Spida spun a wheel to see where they could snoop in the Mayor’s house plus a game of Perfect Partners with Tom and Ruth.

The sleep over concluded this morning with Mayor Tom Tate, Bridge, Spida and Al in matching blue flannelette pyjamas around the Tate’s Breakfast table where Bridge & Spida broadcasted the Breakfast Show live.

Mayor Tom Tate enjoyed the sleep over with Bridge & Spida saying, “It was great to have fun people coming over to visit because it injects a positive energy into the house! Both Ruth and I enjoyed the night so it was a good experience overall!”

Bridget Daley agreed saying, “It is a beautiful house and I felt so at home and so welcomed by the Gold Coast’s Number One family”.

Spida Everitt enjoyed his sleep over as well and said, “I’ve woken up in some dodgy places in my life but this is one of the best places… the Mayor’s house on the Gold Coast! I can’t believe it; I’m still pinching myself!” 

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