Brig & Lehmo reunite for breakfast at Triple M

Lehmo & Brig are getting together again, having last shared a studio in late 2015 at GOLD 104.3.
Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann and Brigitte Duclos, joined by Billy Brownless, will host Triple M’s Hot Breakfast for two weeks beginning next Monday.
Brig & Lehmo are both well-known to Triple M audiences, having been part of the Triple M family over many years, and Billy Brownless is a ‘fan favourite’ at Triple M with his role on The Rush Hour and Triple M Football.
Billy says, “Summer is where I come into my own, I was a very handy cricketer, and I love to get the guns out on the beach.”
Brigitte says, “Despite their countless and adorable flaws, I love Lehmo and Billy to bits and can’t wait to spend my mornings with them on Triple M.”
As for Lehmo, he says, “Brig and I had so much fun on breakfast radio for six years, arguing like an old married couple and singing along to Chisel. And as a Hawks fan, I have a negative reaction to most things related to the Geelong Cats, but I’ve always made an exception for Billy, he really helped us win that ‘89 flag.”

          Brig & Lehmo in 2013



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