Brisbane ‘Scout’ at Sydney Auction

One interested observer at the Sydney FM licence auction was Star Broadcasting Network Managing Director and CEO, Graham McVean.

Normally based in south east Queensland, he is a confirmed bidder for next Thursday’s Brisbane auction, but wanted to witness the Sydney proceedings first hand.

Playing his “cards close to his chest”, Mr McVean has told radioinfo: “we’ve attended many such auctions in the past, so we know what to expect. I went to Sydney to follow the proceedings and congratulate the winner”.

Turning to the Brisbane auction, Mr McVean, who manages 12 stations in Queensland and South Australia, says Star Broadcasting will be a serious bidder: “we wouldn’t be in it if we weren’t serious. It makes sense for us. We already have the super regional market, adjacent to Brisbane, and a strong, fortuitous signal into the Brisbane market to build on.

“By now, everyone will have evaluated the worth of this licence to their existing or proposed strategy and most, if not all, will have a plan which should not be influenced by the Sydney result.”