Browny completes the NY Marathon and raises $100,000 for EB Research

Nova 100’s breakfast presenter from the Chrissie, Sam & Browny Show, Jonathan Brown, has completed the gruelling 42km New York Marathon earlier this morning, with Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and his wife Kylie Brown all cheering him on from the sidelines in the city that never sleeps.
Browny was running for The EB Research Foundation and successfully completed the world-famous race in 3 hours and 15 minutes, shaving 15 minutes off his personal goal.
Fresh from the race, Browny joined the breakfast panel live from New York to describe the challenges of the run.

 Chrissy said he could hardly walk coming through the door, and a very emotional Browny said “Hello to everyone back home, I’m nearly dead – it’s bloody emotional. I wanted to cry when I crossed the finish line but I was reminded by my wife that I was born without tear ducts!”

“Knowing I had you guys there at the right time, coming up 5th Ave when you’re past the point of 8km to go – when I saw you guys I thought I can do this and get through, doing it for EB [Research].
“I honestly, when I was going through the battles of 10km to go. you start thinking about the kids that have it, thought about my own kids, Kyles [Wife] and seeing the joy in your faces I thought, I can do this and power home. It was such an amazing feeling and it feels so much better that I have you guys here, than doing it for my own. It might sound a bit soppy from someone who isn’t an emotional person but if gave me great strength to finish it off and power on.”

Browny trained for almost 4 months for the challenge of the marathon, and raised $100,000 for EB Research.




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