Fitzy & Wippa stitch up radio rivals Jonsey & Amanda.

At a recent charity auction for ‘Save Our Sons’, Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa saw a ‘Jonsey & Amanda Meet and Greet’ WSFM station tour up for auction and convinced producer Lucy’s husband to secretly purchase it for them.
They were toying with using prosthetics but as Fitzy’s allergic to latex and 6”6 tall they decided to instead recruit Jett, 12, to go in under the guise of a ‘school project’ with a list of questions from the class.
It was a full-scale undercover operation, hidden cameras in pens & water bottles and Jett wearing an earpiece being fed lines from Fitzy & Wippa, who were parked outside in a van.
Highlights include:
Jett, (reading questions from his ‘class’): “Recently the paper said you made $50 million, what do you spend all that cash on?”
Amanda: “Can I tell you that was Kyle Sandilands. If only! Don’t you think we’d be dressed better?”
Jett: “Yeah I thought your get-up looked a bit boring”
Jett: “Aren’t you too old for that leather jacket Jonesy?”
Jonsey: “I ride a motorbike,  you’ve gotta wear a leather jacket bro”
Jett: “Looks like a midlife crisis waiting to happen”
Jett: “This is boring, I’d honestly rather be talking to Fitzy & Wippa right now”
Amanda: “So would I”
Jett: “How long have you two been married? Can you kiss and I get in the back of the photo?”
Jonsey and Amanda were laughing when Jett reveals all is not what it seems and points to Fitzy & Wippa outside in the van.




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