Buzz’s open hearted plea on same sex marriage

As the nation begins to receive postal voting ballots to weigh in on same-sex marriage, Sydney radio station WSFM‘s breakfast newsreader, Keegan Buzza, this morning issued a heart-warming plea to those who are still undecided in the vote.

 Keegan, who is in a long-term same-sex relationship with his partner James, went on air on the Jonesy & Amanda show this morning to tell the story of how he came out to his father whose “upbringing didn’t qualify him to be broadminded”.

Keegan held back tears as he spoke poignantly about his father choosing love above all else to accept him and his partner so they could hold a commitment ceremony.
“This decision is not about elites…it’s about real people like me and my family and we just want to be acknowledged in exactly the same way as every Australian.”

Keegan is fighting for his commitment to his partner James to be recognised by law in Australia