Byron, Kristie… and Hilda on Sea FM 101.3

Last month 90 year old radio announcer Hilda Bird hung up her headphones for the last time at Radio-Five-O-Plus on the NSW Central Coast.

Or so she thought…

Hilda started her radio career in her late 60s, 22 years ago at 2CCC Gosford, then later moved to Radio-Five-O to present a show called Tea and Talk, but, with the march of technology Hilda was finding panelling a bit much.

She told the Central Coast Advocate:

“For those not familiar with a radio studio setup, there’s no time for dithering.”

So she pulled the plug.

But the show’s not over for Hilda.

Hearing about her love of being on air, Sea FM breakfast announcers Byron Cooke and Kristie Mercer invited her to join them in a regular monthly spot they are calling #TeaAndTalk.

She accepted and Byron tweeted the good news saying:
“After 22 years on air, 90 year old Hilda Bird recently lost her community radio spot. She’s now a regular!”

Seems like, as well as a healthy dose of local gossip, Byron and Kristie are likely to get a good serving of scones each month when Hilda visits the studio.

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