CallerOne is waiting on the SIP line…

If you’re a broadcaster, on the tech and accounting side of things, chances are you’re facing the challenge of rising POTS line costs.

Enter Broadcast Bionics with a more affordable solution called CallerOne.

CallerOne allows stations to move to affordable SIP lines with minimal investment. New support for existing call control hardware from Telos and Wheatstone allows broadcasters to benefit from lower line costs while retaining their current call handling workflow.

“Broadcasters who rely on POTS lines for their talkshow systems will be facing hefty price hikes, if not now, then very soon. But transitioning to SIP can be daunting, and what about those trusted VSets your talent loves?” asks Matt Collison, Brand and Marketing Lead at Broadcast Bionics. “Thankfully, there is now a simple and affordable solution,” he says.

At the heart of CallerOne is a sleek, user-friendly interface that empowers on-air talent, call screeners, and producers to effortlessly manage calls and ensure seamless content flow. Additional call screening positions can be set up with only a browser and headset, and two on-air studios can share a single CallerOne system where needed.

Broadcast Bionics innovative CallerOne software makes the transition to SIP painless, all while saving line costs, improving call quality, and opening the door to all digital has to offer.

“CallerOne’s recent integration with Telos VSet allows stations to keep using the hardware and workflows they are used to, while at the same time transitioning to digital – we expect this to be an extremely popular solution!” says Mr Colllison.

CallerOne will be on demo at NAB 2024 April 13 -17 on the Broadcast Bionics booth, C2030.

For more details go to the website and contact your local distributors.


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