Cameron Adams has been appointed as LiSTNR Music Feature Writer

Cameron Adams comes to LiSTNR after a 20-year career as a national music writer at News Corp, which included editing entertainment supplement Hit and interviewing thousands of Australian and international musicians for feature pieces.

He has also judged the ARIA Awards and the Australian Music Prize, as well as writing scripts for ABC TV’s The Sound and the Nine Network’s Music from the Home Front.

In his new role, Adams will be responsible for creative script writing for the music podcast content on LiSTNR, including episode features for current music on-demand podcasts The 90s with Dannii Minogue, Essential Vinyl, Front & Centre with Ella Hooper, and Behind the Hits.

He will also conduct artist interviews, and work with the product team on ideation and future music content concepts.

SCA Music Content Director – Audio on Demand and Digital Radio, Adam Williscroft, says, “Cameron is arguably the country’s leading music journalist and has been responsible for influencing the Australian music scene for decades. I’m excited to add Cameron’s extensive music knowledge, creativity and reputation to the LiSTNR music pillar.

 “LiSTNR’s investment in a dedicated music writer speaks to our desire to continue to supply our music programs with experienced talent. Cameron’s appointment, along with our recent announcement of two music curators for the LiSTNR team, is a sign of our commitment to offering diverse, high-quality music streaming and podcast content for our listeners.”

Commenting on his new role, Adams says, “Like everyone else, podcasts have been a real lifeline in the last 18 months. I’m excited to start a new role where I can help create great podcasts and not just consume them. I look forward to being able to continue telling stories about music and musicians, but through a new medium.”

LiSTNR also recently announced 10 new music streaming stations for music fans to find and explore within the LiSTNR app.

Adams will join the LiSTNR team from October 4.

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