From Canberra to Dubai for Maz Hakim

FM 104.7 afternoon announcer Maz Hakim is moving to Dubai in April to take up a position with Virgin Radio as a morning announcer.

Her family came to Australia as Afghan refugees, with Maz gaining a high profile over the past few years for her work to promote the contribution refugees have made to Australian society.

Moving to Dubai is her next adventure: “Joining a global reputable brand like Virgin is so incredibly exciting! Dreams really do come true.  But I would have not have this chance if it wasn’t for the opportunity to grow and develop at Canberra FM. Dubai is such a dynamic and vibrant market and this gives me the chance to take what i’ve learnt International and be able to one day share the gifts of Oz with my homeland.”

Last year, as Refugee Week ambassador, she told her story to radioinfo:

“My parents escaped Afghanistan during the Russian invasion on horseback in the middle of the night. They paid a smuggler to help them escape with 3 children, one being 6 months old, the other 7 years old and the eldest 9. I was yet to be born. If you got caught it was conscription and death on the spot. But my parents were dreamers and knew there was something better out there. They hoped and dreamed for a better life for their family. After my parents escaped Afghanistan, they crossed the border into Pakistan which is where I was later born…

“I think everybody deserves to have a better life. If you are leaving your country it is because you dream and hope of a better life, of more opportunities. Everybody deserves opportunity and someone’s destiny and future shouldn’t be held back just because of the circumstances they were born in. If you come from a war torn country and live in dire circumstances, then you are a refugee.”

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